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Demystifying Digital — A Case for More Open Data

Data & the New Digital Age. By Chris Ongarello on – 19 April 2013 As I continue to get inspiration from Eric Schmidt’s new book, The New Digital Age, Reshaping the future of people, nations and business and the great quote I posted on Facebook…

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Demystifying Digital — Solving the PPC, SEO Puzzle for Brands

No Quick Fix for Driving Online Traffic. By Chris Ongarello on – 19 April 2013 People today are quick to think that PPC is an instant solution to gain traffic and leads to and through their website, but their is so much more to the…

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Cheers – When Art meets Brand Communication

Cheers to Creative Beer Brand Communication. For fear of encouraging our reputation as having an unhealthy leaning towards beer brands, we follow-up our recent blogs on great beer ads and VB’s ice box product innovation with this cracker brand expression from Carlsberg. As the sponsor…

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