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Bicycled – A Cycling Brand with a Higher Purpose

A Bold reason for Being There’s a reoccurring theme been playing out in recent posts, which is the recognition of brands who have clarity around their higher purpose – a reason for being that goes beyond the commercial transaction they have with client and customer.…

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Not-For-Profit Brand Management – The Livestrong Foundation Loses Lance

Livestrong’s Bold Re-branding Strategy In the competitive world of not-for-profit, the rules of brand apply just as they do in the corporate universe. As cycling’s black sheep Lance Armstrong continues to discover his personal brand, tarnished by drug cheating, continues to be cut-loose from the…

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Walmart's 'Store For Good' is a reminder that brands need a Greater Purpose

Big Brand and Big Heart? US Mega-retailer Walmart, seen by many small town business owners as an enemy to community and local business in general is working overtime to turn the tide of public sentiment. Store for Good is a program Walmart is developing in…

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