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South Australian brandmark very disappointing

We may be a Melbourne based agency, but we have a great love and empathy with South Australia.  Over the years we have been engaged with some wonderful people and brands, from the Eyre Peninsula regional brand (with its amazing seafood and entrepreneurial spirit) through…

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Brand Management and the King Oyster Principle

We always say you either get branding or you don’t. There is no real middle ground. It was therefore a pleasure to visit our mate Lester Marshall from the Coffin Bay Oyster Farm just before Christmas. Lester farms oysters in Australia’s premium seafood area on…

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Regional Branding – You have to own something

Branding a place or a region is no different to product or service branding – you have to own something that is distinctive and compelling to your target market. However, when it comes to regional branding there is an added complication. You have to balance…

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