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GUINNESS engages rugby fans with emotive 'Made of More' inspirational stories

It’s rugby season, it’s the year of Yes Equality and the best brand in the world :), Guinness have launched their most compelling and relevant campaign to date and that’s a big statement. The brand has reinforced their Made of More positioning and connected with rugby fans, Guinness…

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Those forgotten in our rush to a digital age

When I chatted last week about why Guinness resonates with people around the world, as they have always been about ‘Beer and People’ and how they position themselves at the heart of relationships, I attempted to paint a picture of the magic of the rural…

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Guinness: The art of brand storytelling

My uncle PJ lives in a rural village in Ireland and when he’s in his local pub he sits at the bar and nods ever so slightly at the barman, Liam. No words. Just a faint lift of the head. If you blinked, you’d miss…

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Advertising Campaigns – Inspired Brand Communications!

Delivering great campaigns that engage. Anyone would think that we love beer here at Truly Deeply with David’s recent post about the VB Ice Box and a blog posted by yours truly about owning shares in Broo Premium Lager so I had to recognise these…

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