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An important lesson from a short animated film: A Cautionary Tail.

Recently, I discovered an inspiring short animated film – A Cautionary Tail. It is a 14 minutes film about a girl born with a tail that expresses her emotions. As a child, her parents celebrate their daughter’s eloquent, athletic appendage, and her tail inspires magical…

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How wit taps into a deeper level of brand experience

Being a beginner in the field, I’m curious about how much influence design can have in the consumer’s world. Not from a designer or a client point of view, but from an audience’s perspective. I believe best design does more than simply capture attention and…

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Engaging Layers in Wine Packaging Design

Bottle shops are one of my favourite places to seek out for inspiration. No, I’m not an alcoholic. It’s because of all the beautiful wine package design on the shelves, which is hard to not fall in love with. There’s one particular design I truly…

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