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Lego Love – A Pure Expression of Brand Passion

Brand Envy Pure and Simple Yeah I know we bang-on a bit about Lego and the extraordinary level of loyalty, even obsession the brand creates. But we wouldn’t if there weren’t so many great examples of passion for the brand, a level of passion most…

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When Being Green isn't enough for Green Brands

Design is the Secret Ingredient in Successful Green brands of the Future My attention was hijacked recently by marketing images of this new concept car from VW. Concept cars pop-up at every motor show, and alone the sleek lines of the next big auto-thing is…

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Wimpy Burgers' Inclusive Branding Hits the Spot

A feel-good Burger Brand South African fast food brand Wimpy Burgers have come-up with a promotional brand gesture that has both underscored their inclusive positioning and created a real buzz. The story goes that Wimpy wanted to let visually impaired people know they offered braille…

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The Top 5 Issues Brand Developers face in the ever-changing Digital Landscape

The ever-changing digital reality for Brand Communications – 60 Seconds on the Net Recently a friend emailed me this iconographic of what’s happening every 60 seconds in the online world. The numbers are seriously noteworthy, especially for someone who works in the brand space day-in…

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