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The big news on influencer marketing is; think small

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to share your brand’s message with a targeted audience. One of the strongest marketing trends to emerge in recent times is influencer marketing, which involves recruiting influential social media people to promote you through their blogs, Youtube channels and…

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5 Strategies for brands to do more for less from The Challenger Project.

Need to get your brand noticed but don’t have the resources to get the word out by traditional means?  The Challenger Project in the UK is published by eatbigfish, a strategic brand consultancy with a single focus: challenger thinking and behavior. I love the way these…

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Look, up in the sky… Melbourne's Jafflechute launches in the Big Apple.

Jaffles from Heaven – A delicious take on Guerrilla Marketing Three local Melbourne lads; Adam, David & Huw have taken their Jafflechute idea to the US, via some crowd funding on Pozzible. A couple of Thursdays ago a crowd of hip New Yorkers met in…

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Big Ideas, not Big Budgets are the Best Way to Make a Big Brand Impression

Working in the creative industry (in fact any industry for that matter) the one question that always seems to crop up at the start of any project is “what’s your budget?” Just once we’d love the client to say “hell, I don’t know – whatever…

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A Lesson On Old Skool Brand Design

We all love a unique brand expression and I can’t help but acknowledge one of the most remarkable brand expressions I’ve seen in recent times (albeit dating back to the late 1970s) from one of the most iconic and well know fashion brands in the…

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Goodbye Bush – Hello Remarkable Ad

Working for a creative brand agency I’ve always valued remarkable advertising and marketing. One particular stand-out for me was Veet’s “Goodbye Bush” ad that ran as a quarter page in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Melbourne’s Herald Sun in January 2009. The ad was forwarded in…

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