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Research shows experience driven brands drive stronger business performance

A recent study for Adobe shows that investing in experience transformation across people, process and technology delivers superior business performance. Experience-driven businesses (EDBs), as defined by Forrester Consulting, consistently deliver on metrics that align to their revenue growth, customer acquisition, and customer retention goals. The…

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Only 1 in 5 marketers see brand as their most important objective

Study suggests most Australian businesses are not recognising the value of brand. A new Deloitte study of 300 marketing professionals found that most believe that digital and social media are the best channels for building a brand. This is despite strong evidence that shows brands…

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Infographic: 55 website marketing insights for small businesses

Valuable intel for every small business owner If you’re a small business owner, our friends at Milkwhale have compiled a nifty infographic that tells you all you need to know about websites. Beyond some of the basic stats, why SEO is important for small businesses…

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