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Do marketers tell stories or do they deceive?

Seth Godin is a very highly regarded author in the business and marketing world. His well-known book, All Marketers Are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works — and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All often receives rave reviews. Even…

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Bacardi turns Facebook ‘likes’ into real-world events

Like it Live, Like it Together Brand experiences. At the risk of writing incessantly about alcohol brands and reinforcing negative stereotypes about (slightly) long in the tooth designers, I cam across this integrated brand/marketing campaign by Bacardi recently that I thought was pretty smart. Crowd-sourcing…

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Bing | Decode Jay-Z – Online Integrated Brand Campaign

The Brave New World of Online Brand Communication There’s no doubt new technology and accelerating the range of possibilities for brand communication online at a far greater rate than we are able to explore them. When the print medium took hold as the major brand…

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Random Acts of Kindness – Big Bright Brand Communications

Random Acts of Brand-Oriented Kindness There’s been a raft of discussion recently about the strategy of integrating random acts of kindness into a brands’ communications. On the one hand we have a line of thinking that questions the motives of the brands at the center…

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adidas' Pinata Promo – Smashing Brand Design

Smashing Brand Communications Campaign Footware brand adidas spend more time than most thinking outside the box. And in this case the box is their take on the classic kids party game, the pinata. Teaming-up with sports shoe retailer Footlocker, adidas has put together an online…

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Mitchum – The Hardest Working Integrated Brand Campaign

It all Starts with Brand Clarity Like all of the hardest working brand communication campaigns, this little gem for Mitchum from the US has at its core a clear brand proposition hard-wired with with customer benefit. Mitchum is an antiperspirant brand with a well defined…

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