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Simple, Beautiful, Ad Free – Ello takes on facebook leveraging Exclusivity and the Design Crowd

Everybody loves to bitch & moan about facebook. The role that facebook plays in the lives of its consumers has evolved from much loved with a high degree of loyalty to habitual with a degree of resentment. As the world’s first ubiquitous social network platform…

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Vodafone's Recharging Truck – A Bold Brand Gesture

It’s all about brand design for customer connection. For brands looking to create bold and memorable brand gestures it’s all about finding a time and place to connect with their target market in a way that adds value to their lives. vodafone has just developed…

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Random Acts of Kindness – Big Bright Brand Communications

Random Acts of Brand-Oriented Kindness There’s been a raft of discussion recently about the strategy of integrating random acts of kindness into a brands’ communications. On the one hand we have a line of thinking that questions the motives of the brands at the center…

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