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Branding Politics

In the aftermath of the recent Rudd-Gillard leadership debacle within the Australian Labour party I think it’s fitting to take look at some of the best political branding moments.

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Underdog brand archetype can work for PM Julia Gillard

There are many brands in the market place that know how to leverage the status of the underdog. They use the position to drive a more emotional connection with their target market. Harvard academic Anat Keinan co-authored a paper for Journal of Consumer Research, titled…

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That's Showbiz – Personal Brands in the Spotlight

BRW’s Annual Top 50 Entertainers The most recent issue of BRW in Australia features the top 50 local entertainers listed by earnings for the year. Quoted throughout the feature was our Talent Inc! personal brand report, with our very own Mark Richards (sic) providing the…

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