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Windows by Design – LMFF 2013

This March as part of L’OREAL’s Melbourne Fashion Festival, City of Melbourne and Dulux have returned to present their second Windows by Design event.   The event comprises of filling the CBD retailers with ephemeral galleries to explore and discover. This year, twelve of Melbourne’s most…

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Creative Design and Fashion Collaborations

In a market where consumers are demanding more authentic and engaging brand experiences, creative collaborations between artists and fashion designers have become a vehicle for delivering a brand story, increasing prestige and producing visually exciting content and products. History is rich with examples of art influencing…

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Retail Brand Theatre Part 2 – Localising Chain Store Design

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about how retail brands have been fighting back to try and recover some of the territory they have lost with the rise of e-commerce by introducing retail theatre to their customer experience.  This blog follows on…

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World's Best Fashion Retail Theatre fights back against E-Commerce

Retail Brands Fighting Back Despite the rise in e-commerce, studies still show that shopping with friends still ranks highly on Australians list of leisure time activities. To entice the leisure shopper away from their digital device and into store, it is important for retailers to…

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Fashion Branding – Shopping the Runway with the L'oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Over the past weekend and the coming days I will be enjoying all that is glittery and glamourous at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and as such, I couldn’t resist writing a blog dedicated to it.  Earlier this year, I posted a blog on the…

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