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City of Pocatello rebranding stumbles over their best intentions

Best intentions don’t always get the branding job done. Following example after example of city and municipal rebrands around the world copping rate payer vitriol, The City of Pocatello decided to get on the front foot with a project and design rationale for their rebrand.…

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This Local Government is turning parking fines into inspiring Christmas spirit

The Lexington Parking Authority in Kentucky, USA has launched a brilliant ‘Food for Fines’ program It’s not often the concept of a parking ticket and inspiring brand engagement appear in the same line of thought, but that’s exactly what this innovative thinking parking authority in…

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Road Art, Great grassroots local branding

Local communities in the states have been using road art as way to engage and display the hope and spirit of neighbourhoods. The murals which are painted by the community and are popping up at intersections in many big cities also have an awesome side…

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The 5 keys of Council Branding

Branding for Local Government We’ve been recently working with a regional Victorian Council, over the years we’ve worked with Local governments all over Victoria, from the City of Melbourne to the Moira Shire Council. We’re working developing their brand, evolving the brand mark, creating a…

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