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How can we effectively communicate an anti- message?

Effective communication in advertising will often result, at best, in a small change in consumer behaviour. While this change often has a product driven focus — buy this, try this, consider us — the predominant message generally doesn’t require the audience to drastically change their…

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Brands that give a shit

Poo Pourri lacks an odor but big on brand voice In September my business partner Dave wrote a great blog on the toilet paper brand Who Gives a Crap. He celebrated the attention grabbing brand name that breaks with the rather bland naming protocols of…

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Som Sabadell, an ode to inspiring and unexpected marketing

A recent example of inspiring, situational marketing has come from a very unexpected source: a Spanish bank. Celebrating their 130th anniversary, Banco Sabadell surprised and delighted passers-by in Plaça de Sant Roc, Sabadell by playing Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ with performers from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Cor…

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Your Brand Image Is An Asset Worth Investing In

What’s your Brand Image saying about Your Business? A graphic reminder that the investment you make in your brand image today, builds a valuable business asset for tomorrow. There’s something intangible about brand image that means it is often seen as less critical to the…

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Sleepless at Playground – A Bold Brand Idea

A Bold Brand Experience. Playground is a specialist retailer in hiking and outdoor equipment in Sweden. Based on the theory that hiking makes people healthier and more alert, they developed this awesome in-store brand experience to launch their online store, introduce new customers to the…

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