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McDonalds billboards prove the value of a good brand mark

The power of the brandmark McDonald’s Canada has proved the value of a good brand mark with it’s playful ‘Follow the Arches’ campaign by Cossette. The campaign consists of four simple billboards that crop the golden arches to provide freeway direction signage that goes beyond…

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Nutella’s brand truth spoils the party again

Can an image change brand perception? McDonald’s recently introduced a Nutella Burger in its Italy restaurants. However, among the excitement of the new burger was a one image that was souring the publicity. A picture of the Nutella jar showing what is actually inside, has…

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McDonald’s shows why the web is the best and worst thing to happen for brands

Not a smart branding idea in hindsight When it comes to marketing and brand building, McDonald’s are about as savvy as they come. With huge departments of marketing specialists and many years in the game, you’d think they’d know how to navigate the tricky waters…

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