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Embracing our inner guru

Another week, another mindfulness session here at Truly Deeply… time out as a team from the deadlines, phone calls, and busyness, to take a breather and reconnect. A chance to try something different, see into another world, maybe stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone.…

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When it’s time to flip life the bird

A perfect example of our brand culture at work: 1. start with an engaging experience – our weekly mindfulness session 2. throw in a bit of our brand personality – colourful: playful, spirited and lively 3. mix in one of our brand values – the…

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The Lost Art of Spacing Out

Previously, in Creativity and the Art of Zen, I explored the concept that by slowing our overactive minds and creating some inner stillness, ideas and intuition have the space to flow. Boredom is another way that allows our mind to wander, and gives our creativity a…

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Creativity and the Art of Zen

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re drifting off to sleep and a great idea or solution pops into your head, only to be lost the next morning, unless you take time to get up and write your thoughts down? Or maybe…

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