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Oreo's 100 Year Daily Twist Campaign

Growing up in the States meant I have long been a fan of the Oreo biscuit and at 100 years old, Kraft Foods’ Oreo seems younger than ever. The brand’s current “Daily Twist” campaign which has a new playful and relevant ad launched each day…

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Heineken Limited Edition Design Contest

As a brand design agency, we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways for brands to interact with their customers and stakeholders.  A brand which is constantly looking at new ways to push the boundaries is Heineken and their latest idea is certainly no…

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Packaging the NYC experience

Justin Gignac, a New York City based artist and entrepreneur, collects rubbish…pieces of New York City’s culture, documenting instances in time as archeologists have done for thousands of years. Gignac began selling garbage in 2001 after co-workers challenged the importance of packaging design. To prove…

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