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Duracell's human touch bus shelter: clever experiential advertising

Today brands are investing heavily in digital media, hiring community managers to curate their social media content, developing cutting edge mobile apps, adapting their websites to be responsive and spending heavily on banner advertising and video content. One of the scariest briefs a creative agency…

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Utilising stunt advertising for market cut through

Upcoming movie, Carrie, successfully utilises stunt advertising for market cut through Over the last few days, the Internet has been abuzz about the stunt-based advertising for Carrie, a Stephen King novel and remake of the 1976 horror movie. The prank is fairly simple in concept:…

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Advertising as Creative Brand Communications

Brand-Storytelling in Advertising. Working for a brand identity agency in Melbourne I come across many impressive (and not so impressive) advertising campaigns and tend to collect them until such time they’re good to post – this little collection is no exception.

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