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Brand lessons from Penfolds Grange

Wine critic Huon Hooke in The Age 3/5 suggests that Penfolds Grange may be regarded as Australia’s greatest wine by some, and that the 2008 vintage is one of the best, alongside 2006, 1996 and 1990. In wine terms he says impressive things about Grange…

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Trend Report – The Visual Language of Brands (Chapter2)

The Second Chapter in our Comprehensive Trend Report on the Visual Language of Brand Identity Last Monday we published the first section of our report into trends in visual language. Each Monday for the next five weeks we’ll publish another chapter. This week’s chapter focuses…

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A Very Christmas Brand Map – Tracking Brand Loyalty

The brands we choose reflect how we see ourselves Each day we make thousands of conscious and sub-concussion decisions about the brands we wish to include in our lives. Our choice of which brands we choose to connect-with is often a reflection of how we…

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