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OK that's just cool – Prynt smartphone case instantly prints camera photos

Gotta love a new brand with ‘baked-in’ product differentation¬†¬† Sometime you see a new product that strikes you as having particularly broad cool appeal. ‘Broad’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Appeal’ are three words that rarely fit together, but the new Prynt smartphone case is a rare breed.…

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The humble bottle cap is helping brands turn a necessity into an experience.

  Bottled drinks of all varieties are often the topic of conversation, especially in sustainability circles. Whatever your feelings are about our mass consumption and the effects of plastic pollution on the planet, plastic bottles are currently a necessary evil. And at the top of…

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VB's Product Innovation Drives Brand Cool Differentiation

Brand Experiences with Brand Differentiation Designed-in Australian beer brand VB has just launched a sales promotion based on a seriously smart product innovation – the disposable ice box. The ‘Esky’ as ice boxes are called down under is an essential piece of beer drinkining equipment…

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