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Coopers' cheating beer brand

I like a beer, there’s no point hiding it, it comes hand in hand with the Irish Brogue. So naturally, I pay a little bit more attention when new beer brands are born. So I was somewhat intrigued when I noticed the huge billboards on…

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Brand it like Coke – Developing Unique Brand Properties

Walking the streets of Paris recently I was struck by the appearance of the latest point of sale campaign for Coke. It wasn’t the visual language of the campaign that struck me, nor a stunning creative execution, there were no bronzed & cut young French…

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Brand Promises – What offers say about your Brand

What makes a great offer, what does it say about your brand, can it damage it? My interest was aroused by the recent  Kmart price promise TV ad – it’s set up in a way that has none of the usual retail frenzy of Kmart…

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