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BONDS Set to ‘Bring It’ with New Sports Range

BONDS introduces their first ever cross-category sports range – led by a perfectly on brand campaign. BONDS have recently announced the introduction of their first ever cross-category sports range. The collection features BodyCool technology, which boasts moisture absorbing and quick dry properties, and marks a…

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How hotels have responded to the rise of Airbnb

The changing landscape of hotel accommodation to target millennial travellers Since Airbnb’s disruption of the hotel industry from its inception in 2008, and pioneering a shift toward the sharing economy, many have predicted the demise of traditional hotels as a result. While younger travellers have…

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The Power of Consumer-Centric Lifestyle Brands

From boring and monotonous to creative and exciting – the success story of Samsung Mobile Thinking back to a decade ago, when consumers thought about Samsung, the image of a true technology and innovation company would spring to mind. Fast forward to now, Samsung represents a…

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4 Basic Rules for Brand Survival

4 Basic rules the top brands are using to ensure brand survival Branding is one of the key areas a business should focus on in order to differentiate themselves within a crowded market. Brands that we have grown to love, would not have had such an immense…

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Spotify is planning to sell their most popular playlists

Music streaming giant Spotify continues their expansion of audio advertising by  allowing brands to sponsor their most popular playlists. Spotify has announced that they will be expanding their advertising opportunities by allowing brands to sponsor their most popular owned and operated playlists. Brands have previously been able…

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Nokia plans for a global comeback – Will consumers embrace the once beloved brand?

The Finnish company signs a new agreement, making a comeback doing what they once did best, but is the boat already too far gone?  Two years after Microsoft’s mistreatment of Nokia’s mobile business, the Finland based company has signed a new strategic brand and intellectual…

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Monash University Encourages You to ‘Question the Answers’

Monash University encourages the audience to look beyond the conventional and accepted, and challenge the status quo. Monash University has launched a new integrated campaign starring Australian actor David Wenham, which thanks people who accept what they’re told, for creating a world where answers should…

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Unexpected brand canvases can deliver a big pay-off for customer engagement

Stunning Images Create Memorable Brand Connections Artist Julien Nonnon’s recent project projecting his stunning images onto buildings around the streets of Paris is a graphic reminder of the power of placing brand visual language in unexpected places. Even as go-to-market channels for brands splinter with…

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Chadstone is expanding once again

Chadstone Shopping Centre first open their doors in 1960 and has since been Australia’s largest and most luxury shopping destination. Check out the transformation that the centre has undergone over the years. 

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In the world of sales, lead with an engaging brandpersonality In the hyper sales environment of real estate, in the US is backing-up their product and technology innovations with a brand that is big on engaging personality. It doesn’t seem like rocket science; creating…

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How Global Blanding is damaging our Spirit of Place

Where has all the beautiful signage design gone? On a stunning Melbourne Saturday morning I was lucky enough to be going for a run around our Botanical Gardens when I was struck by an old, hand painted sign designating a footpath as for ‘Pedestrian Use…

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Pacific Brands Leadership Changes a Reminder of Innovation Challenges

A couple of weeks ago we witnessed the demise of the CEO of Pacific Brands, because according to media reports, he and the Board did not share the same vision for the business.

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