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The complex beast of rebrand in football

Every year, for two very long months, millions of people are going through symptoms of withdrawal. The cause? Its the off-season, and all the stars of the English Premier League (EPL) are on bloody holiday. The football on display in the EPL is a thrilling…

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"When I get back home someday, if I do, I won't be a stranger" – Skype bringing the heavy emotional artillery

Skype – the online video messaging giant – recently released a series of advertisements that focus on the lives of several people and how Skype has become crucial for them in order to stay connected with distant loved ones. The adverts are the latest in…

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Myspace back from brand hell – maybe?

  Earlier this month, a Justin Timberlake-backed Myspace reintroduced itself to the public. This time around they are repositioning themselves as a music-oriented, online social space – following their ill-fated attempt at a revival during the turn of the decade. To mark this return, they’ve…

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Adobe kills iconic Creative Suite in favour of Creative Cloud

Adobe recently announced its decision to discontinue the Creative Suite product, in light of the positive response to their recently implemented Creative Cloud – a subscription based service to their programs. Adobe had previously acknowledged that they were uncertain of how long these two products…

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Top banter! Kit Kat & Oreo showing what it means to have brand personality

Last month’s Twitter buzz involving confectionery giants Kit Kat, Oreo, and a little known resident of Manchester, hasn’t escaped the attention of us at Truly Deeply. The events that occurred in the Twitter-sphere brought upon a smile on all our faces at the studio.

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