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Social helps brands sense check a rebrand

Another upside of having a socially active and connected brand is the ability to tap into your audience to get fast and cost effective sentiment of your brand change. Our client, Koolaman used their social platforms to engage their audience in their rebrand and the…

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The Apple Tablet – A Snapshot of Social Sentiment

Word on the Web As the rumor-mill turns into a tidal wave of anticipation for Apple’s new tablet, we take a snapshot of what’s being discussed, tweeted and mentioned on the social networks and blog sites. A glance at the Social Sentiment word cloud below…

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Goldman Sachs Brand – A Snapshot of Social Sentiment

Word on the Web As some of the world’s largest financial institutions fight their way back to the top of the heap, it’s not all sunshine and kittens when it comes to their battered brand equity. We’ve illustrated a cross section of current brand sentiment…

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