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Slinkachu's Street Art designed for disrupting the everyday

It is no secret that everyone today is busier, more stressed and exposed to more information than ever before.  With so much going on it is all too easy to get wrapped up in our own thoughts without giving any consideration to those around us.…

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Brand Recognition Through Art Installations

Brand recognition with clout! Increasingly brands seem to be leveraging a realm of different spaces and as a result we’re noticing some pretty awesome and unbelievable art installations. In saying that there comes some risk for brands big or small to attempt these installations because…

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Airline Branding – Taking it to a New Altitude!

As we tend to immerse ourselves daily in brands and keep an eye out for ones that strike a cord, I came across this creative brand gesture for Kulula Airlines. Kulula Air is a South African based low-fare airline operating domestic services out of Johannesburg to…

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