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Shopper docket lessons for brand strategy

The recent focus on the Australian supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths for their cross-subsidy shopper docket strategies raises some interesting lessons for brand owners managing a portfolio. The supermarkets are providing a great insight into the power of understanding how customers see their world. They…

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The Battle of an Honest to Goodness Brand

In recent months, the larger supermarket chains have found themselves embroiled in controversy as a result of their price wars and less than market friendly tactics.  As Peter Singline mentioned in his recent blog, the plight of smaller brand owners, in particular the smaller milk…

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Coles: The Natural Food Brand?

Coles Supermarkets in Australia has for years sat back and watched its formidable competitor Woolworths claim the market positioning of being ‘The Fresh Food’ people. It is a positioning line that is strongly recognised and recalled amongst consumers. In recent years they have successful reinforced…

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