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Strandbeest By Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen builds giant, kinetic, wind powered moving animal’s that fall somewhere between the disciplines of Art and Engineering. The project is 22 years along the animals evolutionary path, each variation is a step closer towards Theo’s final goal, where his animals can survive by…

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The Art of Sublime – Miwa Matrayek's Glorious Visions

Re-imagining Brands / re imagining performance art Here at Truly Deeply we’re partial to re-imagination. This beautiful piece of performance art from the TED Global Conference in London earlier this year by Miwa Matreyek is a wonderful example of creative re-imagining in its own right.…

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Lego – A Grown-up Brand Obsession

We Truly and Deeply Love Brand Obsession Here at Truly Deeply we admire brand obsession – well to be more accurate, any obsession built around a passion that brings happiness is OK with us – no matter if it’s a little, well, antisocial. So when…

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