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Frogtopia, the Hong Kong Pavilion at this year's Venice Art Biennale

A Favorite from The Venice Art Biennale Multimedia artist kwok mang-ho, better known as frog king, has created the amazing Hong Kong pavilion at the venice art biennale 2011. The Chinese artist Frog King shares five projects in an exhibition titled, ‘frogtopia – hongkornucopia.’ a…

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A Colourful Experience

As humans we are fairly habitual beings, so it is exciting when we find that someone has put some thought into encouraging new interactions with an existing space. The indianapolis museum of art (IMA) has commissioned Los Angeles-based Ball-Nogues Studio to create a site-specific, architectural…

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Zag Brand Design – How taking a Different Approach can Make your Brand Stand Out

Sometimes, different is the Only Answer In our lives as brand strategists and designers we spend alot of time and energy helping our clients gain clarity about what their brand proposition should be in the market and how it should look and behave from every…

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