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New Virgin Australia campaign positions airline as the ‘stylish’ brand

Virgin Velocity members received an exclusive preview of Virgin Australia’s new commercial over the weekend. According to the email we are supposed to “keep it between us for now” but I’m guessing that they won’t mind us sharing with our Madly readers.

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The Qantas Virgin Brand Mind Games

Virgin Australia’s  John Borghetti has all the moves! For as long as Alan Joyce has been CEO of Qantas he seems to have been at logger heads with key stakeholders. Not so long ago it was with his pilots and currently it is with a…

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Best practice for brands is problematic

Business literature keeps advocating the need for businesses to pursue best practice. To aspire to achieve against a set of metrics that are considered optimum performance in a given category. However, the extent to which brands seek to identify best practice performers amongst their competitors,…

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Time for a new tiger brand

Another post on Facebook complains about Tiger Airways. “Second flight cancelled, no info. Never flying Tiger again”. Within seconds a sense of comradely builds as other ‘friends’ join in to attack. “Missed flight due to check-in shambles. Worst airline ever, don’t fly Tiger”. “Stranded again.…

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