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Retail Brand Inspiration – kikki.k's Christmas Visual Merchandising

It looks like our friends at kikki.k have done it again. Walking past our local store in South Melbourne today my eye was captured and my mind captivated by the beautiful VM, from window to display, from product design to range. Here’s hoping for some…

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Retail – Survival of the Fittest

Holistic Retail Brand Experience. October is a very busy month for me when it comes to birthdays and certainly not least my wife’s! Having not ventured down Chapel Street for quite some time, recently we both decided that Chapel Street this year would solve the usual question…

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Brand Design – 2 New Breathtaking Mediums for Retail

Standing-out In-store With Brand Design for retail it’s so much about the customer experience in-store. Creating unique and compelling brand theater in your stores is as much about the merchandising as it is about the actors (your staff) and the environment. As retailers continuously look…

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The Fine Art of Brand Seduction – Hermés Retail Brand Design Beauty

A Magical Execution of Retail Brand Design Occasionally we’re reminded that whilst not all brand expressions are born equal, all brand gestures have the potential to be sublime. Recently I came across a retail window display for fashion brand Hermes in their Maison Hermès store…

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