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Hermés & House Industries Create Retail Brand Impact

Beautiful Retail Brand Design In one of my favorite creative collaborations for 2011, US retro font designers House Industries have joined forces with iconic, retail fashion brand Hermés to create this magical visual merchandising for their Maison Hermés Ginza, Tokyo store.

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A Complimentary Brand Project – facebook Fanwagens by Volkswagen

Check the ‘fanwagen T1’ and ‘fanwagen Beetle’ In a great piece of complimentary brand leverage, Volkswagen in the Netherlands have created an integrated marketing campaign by hooking up with the facebook brand. The fanwagens are one-off, facebook-themed vehicles produced by Volkswagen of the Netherlands. This…

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Brand Gestures for the fun-of-it – Volkswagen's

Just for the fun-of-it There has been plenty of debate over the years (some of it with readers commenting on this site) about the validity and value of brand gestures that do not have an immediate and specific selling proposition. In many ways this represents…

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Top 100+ Volkswagens – VWCV Day of the Volkswagen 2009

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the VWCV Day of the Volkswagen 2009 meet. It was great to see so many different cars and people at the event. Celebrating 60 years of the Volkswagen Kombi, there was huge support from the…

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