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Fixing a brand architecture mistake; resurrecting the Bank of Melbourne

This week Westpac brought the Bank of Melbourne back to life, after 7 years. With a strategy to undo perhaps one of the worst brand architecture decisions in the industry, it looks like Westpac is finally admitting they were wrong. But after so long, bringing…

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Trend Report – The Visual Language of Brands (Chapter 6)

The Final Chapter in our Comprehensive Trend Report Over the last month we’ve published the first five chapters of our research report into trends in visual language. This Monday and we publish the final chapter of the report. In this week’s chapter we’re exploring trends…

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Direct Marketing… the eFuture is Bright

We recently received the mailing below from our bank and it looked old and tired because it’s effectively the same format that’s been used for the last 20 years. I first saw this format of DM in finance when I was working with Lloyd’s bank…

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Brand Valuations – The Top 10 Australian Brands for 2009

This week there has been a lot of press coverage of Brand Finance’s ranking of Australia’s strongest brands. The study focused on brand portfolios owned by ASX listed companies and excluded secondary listings. The value of individual brands was not split out, so the results…

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