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An agency with more than 30 years experience developing brands for businesses large and small across almost every conceivable category.

Why choose us for your brand development?

Our years of experience and cross category expertise provide a depth of insight and leadership few agencies in Australia can offer. Whether you're a start-up business or an organisation with a long history to leverage, we are excellently credentialed to guide your brand development.
Our unique agile branding process is designed to deliver certainty through the breadth of exploration and input of client and audience feedback.

Why work with Truly Deeply?

What areas of brand development does Truly Deeply specialise in?

We are brand development specialists – pure and simple. We are not experts in digital advertising, PR or creating ad campaigns – but we know brand development backwards (and we have brilliant partners who can do the rest).

With this laser focus we are able to work across categories from retail to property to corporate to FMCG. We work with privately owned businesses, publicly listed businesses and government organisations. We take the learnings from each of the hundreds of businesses we have branded and apply those insights to every new client we work with.

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How experienced in brand development is Truly Deeply?

As one of the first agencies in Australia to specialise in brand development, we have more than 30 years experience working with businesses and organisations to launch and grow their brands. Over that time we’ve worked with well over a thousand brands across almost every conceivable category making us one of the most experienced agencies in Australia.

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What's special about Truly Deeply's brand development process?

Apart from the combined experience and insights we bring to every project we work-on, what sets us apart from other brand agencies is our ‘Agile Branding’ methodology. Evolving out of the agile design process familiar to may organisations, our approach is based on a series of sprints with each phase made-up of a Create, Learn, Establish loop, before sprinting again.

Our agile approach has been soundly and enthusiastically embraced by clients who value the deeper involvement and ability to involve their audience feedback into the process. The result is a high degree of certainty that the process has delivered the most thoroughly considered and sense checked outcome possible.

What's the greatest business benefit we can expect from developing our brand with Truly Deeply?

We encourage every client to apply the same discipline around measuring return for brand development as any other business investment. Although not always easy to measure, setting KPIs to track the outcome of branding is an important step to understanding how brand works and why it is important to get it right.

Working with TOM Organic we developed their brand and packaging with the result being an 1800% increase in sales within six months with no additional spend on marketing.

In developing the brand for Bounce Inc. we created a whole new entertainment category and launched them on their way to becoming the leading global brand in their space.

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How can you judge value for money with your brand development?

Too often in our industry cost is seen as a key decision making factor rather than value. Using our client TOM Organic as an example, they had invested in developing their packaging with a design agency but were left feeling unsure about the results. When they came to talk to us it became apparent that the issue stemmed from a lack of brand strategy, leading to confused brand identity and packaging design. Whilst our fees were higher than the design agency they had been working with, the direct outcome of our brand development was an increase in sales of 1800% in the first six months. Those initial increased sales alone paid for our fees a hundred times over.

We may not be the cheapest brand development agency, but we certainly represent very good value for money.

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What brand development services does Truly Deeply provide?

Our brand development expertise covers: Brand Research and Insights, Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Architecture, Brand Identity Design and Implementation.

Implementation of the brand design can include packaging, digital presence, signage systems and environmental design, annual reports and shareholder publications, retail experience and event design.

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How can you be certain of getting the best outcome?

This is a question we’ve been asked many times over the years. Most of our clients lead a brand development project once or twice in their careers, and so embarking on the process without a strong sense of how it works can feel like a risky proposition.

Our agile branding process means that we very rarely find ourselves in the position where a client feels we haven’t nailed the right solution. However, as a illustration of the confidence we have in our process we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients. If at any point in the process you feel that we have missed the mark you are welcome to walk away, paying only for the work completed to date – no hassles, obligations or expectations.

Let's discuss your brand development today

We’d be happy to talk you through our process, share some of our experise and help clarify the best approach for your brand development.

We needed a brand that brought to life our vision for BOUNCE and packaged it in a way that would excite our market. The team at Truly Deeply has achieved this and more. What I’ve valued most about working with Truly Deeply has been the total collaboration. The process combines everyone’s best thinking and the outcome cuts straight through the noise and excites people about Bounce.

Antony Morell
Founder of Bounce Inc.
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