Why Develop a New Brand Name?

Whether you're starting-up a new business, merging existing ones, changing direction, creating new products or recovering from brand reputation damage, developing a new and memorable brand name is the first step to delivering-on your business strategy.

It's time for a new brand name when...

There can be a range of valid reasons to create a new brand name including; starting a new business, businesses mergers, developing new products or business units or in response to damage done to your current brand's reputation. Developing a new brand name is a sound strategy in response.

How and why of brand naming

What are the advantages of a good brand name?

All elements of a brand need to be working cohesively and consistency to build the layers of meaning in the minds of your clients and customers. A strong brand name has both functional and strategic benefits for your business. The functional attributes of an effective brand name include; being easy to pronounce and spell, being memorable and being available from both a trademark and domain registration perspective. The strategic attributes of a great brand name include communicating the differentiated value proposition, using language and brand personality that reflect the brand and connect with the intended audience.
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How does the right brand name sell more of your products or services?

The right brand name provides a significant advantage in being considered a qualified brand and included in the consideration set of your audience. The way we buy today is driven by our ability to filter brands into those we think will deliver what we desire, and those we think will not (our consideration set). The right brand name connects with your audience and helps qualify you into more consideration sets than your competitors.
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How will a new brand name grow awareness and reputation?

Word of mouth and ‘word of mouse’ are the two most effective ways to grow your reputation. Reviews online have become critical to the success of a brand and it’s products. The right name creates a sense of positive anticipation which makes a brand more ‘buzzworthy’ whilst at the same time facilitating the ease of spreading the word.
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Is there a right way and a wrong way to name a brand?

All great brands are made-up of the many positive associations that consumer fill the brand name with over years of connection. However, starting-off on the right foot builds a platform for accelerated growth through guiding the market to understand your brand’s differentiated value proposition. Fail to name a brand with a strategic foundation and the results can be disastrous.
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What are the advantages of engaging a professional agency to develop my brand name?

Brand naming can be the most valuable asset you own or the biggest mistake you make in business. Working with experts provides a range of advantages that act like an insurance policy for this critical decision. Our 25 years of experience naming brands across almost every conceivable category and our understanding of connecting brands with different audiences provides an experienced, unbiased and external perspective that can’t be undervalued. But perhaps the single most valuable approach to getting your brand name right is aligning your name to a freshly defined brand strategy.
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How much should I budget for a brand naming process?

As with every business investment, the potential return for brand naming must justify the cost. The challenge is calculating the benefits of a powerful brand name with the cost to your business of a poor one.
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