Why Invest in Brand Development?

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezzos once said; "Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room." Your brand can provide your business with a significant advantage or an unrealised opportunity depending on how successfully you've invested in it.

The right time for brand development...

Every business has a brand. Some have been built strategically with care and consideration, the others have evolved on their own whilst the business focus has been elsewhere. If you're starting a new enterprise or re-positioning an existing one, launching a new product or injecting life back into a tired one, managing a business acquisition, merger or update, the time is right to invest in your brand's development.

Why and what of brand development

When's the right time for brand development?

Getting the timing right for brand development can be the difference between accelerated brand traction and a hard slog to slowly build reputation and awareness. Develop and launch your brand too early and the market fails to see the critical proof points and deems your brand lacking in authenticity. Develop your brand too late and you have a mountain of negative or incorrect perceptions confusing the message and the market at the same time. But get your timing right and your brand launch or repositioning can change the game in short time.

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What's the business benefit of brand development?

Your brand is there to serve your business, and given the right care and attention, your brand can become your most valuable business asset. If the role of your brand is to position your business, its products and services in the right way to the right audience in order to convince them to engage, every business will benefit greatly from getting this essential principle right.

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Why work with a specialist brand development agency?

There are alot of different creatives and marketers who hang a brand development shingle out. The challenge for many organisations is understanding the difference, who are the right people to work with and how to establish the best value for money.

Marketers, designers and advertising agencies may all talk brand, but only a specialist branding agency with a dedicated brand strategist is capable of significantly growing your brand. Every brand agency worth their salt will be able to explain their brand development process in clear and simple terms and with relevant examples. If you can’t understand how they are intending to build your brand, theirs a very good chance they are flying by the seat of their pants.

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How does investing in brand development improve your share price?

A comprehensive study in the U.S. has shown that businesses with strategically developed brands outperform those without by 3-7 times, impacting their share price accordingly.

Click here to read about the of the study in more detail.

How much should I budget for brand development?

For different businesses with different needs the cost for brand development can vary. However, regardless of the cost you need to be clear of the business case for this branding work. It’s critical to have a clear understanding of your KPI’s for increasing qualified leads, sales, margins and profits resulting for your brand development. In the link below we detail the investment required for each stage of the brand development process. This information is intended to provide the detail every business needs to establish whether-or-not the business case justifies the investment.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the costs for each phase of our brand development process.

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