Why Rebrand?

Whether you want to attract new clients and customers, sell more products and services, increase awareness or grow margins, rebranding is a truly effective strategy for your business.

You know it's time to rebrand when...

Your brand can require updating for a multitude of reasons including; keeping pace with changing consumer expectations, new competitors in your market, acquisition or merger activity, or damage to your brand reputation. Rebranding is a sound strategy in response.

How and why of rebranding

How will rebranding attract more customers?

Getting your brand positioning right from differentiated value proposition to key messages and tone of voice can be the difference between engaging prospective clients and customers or not.

How does rebranding sell more products and services?

The ability of a brand to meet the unspoken expectations of the client or customer in a clear, valuable and differentiated manner in order to qualify for consideration to purchase has never been more important. Click here to read how our branding work for TOM Organic increased sales by 1000% in six months.

How will rebranding improve your company's image?

A company’s image can need refreshing for a multitude of reasons including being out of date, failing to keep up with changing consumer expectations or new competitors, or as a result of acquisition, merger or damage to it’s reputation. Rebranding is a sound strategy in response.

How will rebranding grow your awareness and reputation?

In the clutter and noise of your market, only brands with a clear and differentiated value proposition, communicating the right message to the right audience in the right way will stand-out from the crowd.

Why should I reposition your brand in the market?

Consumers constantly evolve, as do competitors and the marketplace you do business in. More often than not, businesses and their brands need to reflect, regroup and re-position to remain relevant and valuable to their clients and customers.

How does rebranding improve your share price?

A study in the U.S. has shown businesses with strategically considered brands outperform those without by three-to-seven times. Click here to read the results of the study in detail.

What does a strategic branding process involve?

To develop a well considered brand the process must include; Market research and insights, Core customer definition, Competitive market analysis, Brand strategy definition, and only then – Brand identity design. Click here to view our strategic branding process in detail.

How much should I budget for your rebranding?

As with any business investment, the potential return for branding must justify the cost. Your rebranding project should be supported by a business case that includes an estimate of increased sales, margins and profits. The commercial benefit of the rebrand will then provide clarity on how much it makes sense to invest. For different businesses in different stages of maturity, this value equation will vary. Click here to view a more detailed breakdown of the costs associated with rebranding.

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