Brand definition and brand culturalisation for iconic wine brand


The Brown family has for over five generations been producing a diverse range of quality wines. In an industry that is immensely competitive, the Brown Brothers brand continues to grow from strength to strength.

Over the past four years we have had the pleasure and stimulation of working with the brand across a variety of projects. But whatever we do, it is always anchored back in the brand definition for the Brown Brothers that we created in collaboration with the key stakeholders of the business. Brown Brothers is a brand that has great clarity around who it is, and who it isn’t.


Our role was to get inside the brand and craft its DNA into a brand essence and supporting brand narrative that would provide everyone in the organisation with a common reference point. The outputs were then expressed in the form of a brand book that also articulates the brand’s values, personality and the value proposition they translate into.

The fact that we were engaged to define and express the DNA of a brand that had already thrived across the endeavours of five generations speaks volumes for the stewardship of the brand. It is a great example of ensuring there is nothing left to chance about how the brand is carried forward by the next five generations.


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