Employee brand engagement and culturalisation for leading food brand


Over the past 16 years the Carman’s brand has become a household name here in Australia and around the world. Standing for the very finest Quality and best tasting muesli.

We worked with Carman’s to define what it was that made their brand the market leader in it’s category, and to provide clarity around which brand drivers would continue to build their fame. The strategic framework was delivered in a brand book format in order to be easily consumed, comprehended and adopted by the Carman’s organisation.

“When I first sat and talked with Truly Deeply, Carman’s was already the leading brand in its category. In conversation I realised there were so many things we could have been doing better with greater clarity around the Carman’s brand and as an organisation we were expending a lot of energy and spend without clear brand direction.

I found the whole process fascinating and really enjoyable. Their advice has allowed us to make decisions on new product, to determine the direction for new campaign creative and to introduce a multitude of Carman’s brand experiences. Even our approach to staff and cultural training has been influenced. To bring the brand to life and to allow our staff to live it day in day out, Truly Deeply developed the Carman’s brand book. I’ve included a copy in this package so you can see for yourself why I’ve found this such a valuable tool for my business.”

Carolyn Creswell
Founder and CEO
Carman’s Fine Foods


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