Brand re-fresh for utility engineering specialist


Comdain Infrastructure, a utility engineering specialist, needed to differentiate itself in its market and from its sister company Comdain Homes, yet keep some link to the heritage and the parent brand Comdain Group.

After the initial workshop we developed a brand essence, values and personality for Comdain Infrastructure. The new brand positioning line; ‘Intelligent doers, Dependable delivery’, speaks of a modern corporate entity with the smarts to be a valuable partner rather than just a supplier, the ability to strategically lead projects and the ‘hands-on’ savvy to deliver them.

The new brand mark is an evolution of the double C used in the parent and sister brands with a modern, clean colour palette and font. The brand mark was conceived to express the new dynamism that was becoming a core part of the company’s personality.

The identity system roll-out included:
• Suite of corporate stationery
• Corporate office and site signage program
• A range of internal communications electronic templates
• New look and feel for the company website
• Marketing and sales brochures brochures, and
• Livery design for their fleet of vehicles







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