Edward de Bono event invitation design


Change the Way You See Your World. Where do you start when creating an invitation to an event featuring Edward de Bono the inventor of the terms ‘lateral thinking’ and the grand father of creative business in thinking?

When we were commissioned to create a stand-out event invitation for de Bono, we took the only approach we could – a lateral one. First we developed the theme for the event; ‘Change the way you see your world’, the design features the amazing illustration of Mike Lay, whose surreal work beautifully captures the theme. Working with a short history of de Bono and a handful of powerful quotes from many of the global brands and politicians who have become de Bono converts, we turned the invitation into a twenty four page book on business thinking, bound with a white rubber band.

The result was an engaging and unusual direct mail invitation that went some way to capturing the unconventional and challenging inspiration of de Bono himself.





You can find more of Mike Lay’s brilliant illustration work here: www.flickr.com/photos/mikelay

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