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Forum 5 Business Card

A New Model of Talent Management. Forum5 represents the next generation of artist and talent management company founded by Mark Richardson in collaboration with global media company; Fremantle Media.

Mark’s background was in running some of the biggest record labels in the world, representing many of the biggest names in music internationally. Mark’s vision for Forum5, was a new kind of talent management based on the understanding that in the age of shared and social technology, the talent creating the content holds the power, and the ideal management relationship is an entrepreneurial partnership. With Fremantle Media’s backing, Forum5 was launched in 2008 and has found much success with the new model of talent partnership, quickly growing to represent local talent from the television, music, food and lifestyle industries.

A New Level of Brand Clarity
We worked with Mark to help Forum5 develop absolute clarity around their brand definition and differentiated market proposition. We designed a brand story book and helped form a new language to communicate the new Forum5 offer to market, staff and potential talent partners. Forum5’s brand essence of ‘Partnering to Build Talent Equity’ focused on Marks unique value proposition and formed the starting point for our creative brand expression.

A New Brand Identity
The Forum5 brand mark locks the number 5 within the word ‘Forum’ to illustrate the focus on talent partnerships in a simple and memorable form. The word-mark is simple and graphic allowing it to work across many different applications and to be ‘dialed-up’ or ‘dialed-down’ in prominence depending on the piece of communication and the talent brands it would be appearing with.

The Forum5 business card had to stand-out in an industry where talent is typically bombarded with business cards. Driving from our communication platform of Talent Partnerships we created a book of perforated business cards. The talent receives one half of the card with Forum5s contact details, but the talent’s details are also taken, written on the part of the card that remains with the Forum5 staff member. The ceremony of tearing the card and taking details becomes a brand gesture demonstrating the unique proposition of partnership-based talent relationships. The cards are also individually numbered, and each month a number is drawn and the person who received that card is invited to a lunch with Forum5 founder Mark Richardson.

Forum5 Website

To assist Forum5 in communicating their brand proposition to the market place, their staff and to Fremantle Media we designed a brand story book. We developed a set of new language and key brand communication messages for each market, enhanced by the book design to spark buy-in and facilitate understanding of the Forum5 brand proposition.

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