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Health&, formerly Sonoa Health, has united the very best medical, creative and digital minds to improve health globally. The company’s vision is to revolutionise the way health information is delivered around the world and ultimately bring health to life.

“60% of all healthcare expenditure is preventable, the key to prevention is engagement, the art of engagement is to ‘make it personal’ and the only technique that can ‘make it personal’ is individualisation. Above all, it must be trusted and it must be effortless,” said Health& Founder, Bob Biddle. 

Health& partnered with Truly Deeply to develop a brand identity for its new product, a dynamic consumer electronic health record that assists users with proactively and intelligently managing their personal health affairs. This world first technology has the capacity to support better health outcomes and to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare.

The challenge
Through a complex combination of technology, intellectual property, medical smarts and online usability, this product has the potential to change personal health management forever. However, during its brand development phase we needed to define a simple and clear consumer value proposition that was compelling and engaging for all key audiences.

A value proposition was developed for both consumers and critical stakeholder groups within the health sector. In designing the brand identity we needed to ensure this new product established a strong point of difference from the plethora of health apps and related technology and devices on the market.


Strategic and design solution
Through the brand visioning process, Truly Deeply defined the brand proposition as ‘Empowering Individual Health Intelligence’. This was paired with an engaging brand narrative, brand personality and powerful set of values to create a clear path ahead for the continued design and completion of the product.

At the time, the company’s corporate brand was Sonoa Health, but during this process the company made a strategic shift to align its company brand identity with a new name, Health&. This is also the name of its master product and a central focus for its product portfolio.

The Health& brand has been designed as a central point for the company to build its identity as a continued innovator in the health sector. The word ‘Health’ identifies the company’s focal industry and the accompanying ampersand ‘&’ will lock-in complementary products as the portfolio continues to grow.

One of the key considerations for the identity design was to ensure that it could work with, and communicate the breadth of the product offer. An inclusive identity design was created that could tie the brand identity with different value propositions. Thus, the ‘Health&’ brand mark has been designed to have the flexibility to precede products and brand messages.

The icon is a stylised ampersand that combines the visual cues of searching and self-examination. This is combined with an elegant Sans Serif font with the ‘e’ and ‘a’ ligature to create a friendly and distinctive typemark. Modern, optimistic and friendly, the colour palette was also selected to ensure it was web and mobile friendly.

A crucial part of the design brief was the consideration for how the identity could be simplified down into a small app icon for smart phones and tablets. The unique ampersand icon was not only simple and stood out, it also brought in a smart reference to the brand’s promise with the ‘unveiling’ graphic signifying the unlocking of information and insight.

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“Truly Deeply contributed a high degree of credibility and creativity to our team, during our efforts to clearly define our company’s brand identity. Our business is comprised of experts across a variety of disciplines, so it was valuable to leverage a team of skilled professionals outside of our business to bring unbiased and intuitive advice to the table. Together with Truly Deeply, we were able to create a product framework for our customers that I’m confident will resonate for years to come,” said Chief Communications Officer, Haley Price.

How Truly Deeply helped Health&
Brand strategy and positioning, brand identity design, icon development.

 If you’re interested to find out more visit healthand.com.au

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