Brand creation for a plastic surgeon


Liberty Belle was born out of plastic surgeon Dr Chris Moss’ devotion to empowering individuals to realise the true beauty available to them.

As a skilled plastic surgeon Dr Chris Moss had for years witnessed the transforming nature of beauty enhancing surgery in terms of personal appearance and self esteem. However, he also recognised the power of non-surgical means in shaping desirable cosmetic beauty outcomes. He believed that non-invasive methods provided a wonderful pathway for liberating the personal beauty aspirations resident in so many individuals – his challenge was to make it available in a way that delivered patients an experience that exceeded their expectations at every level.

His answer was the creation of Liberty Belle, a luxurious facility that brought together the best of the best – world class technologies and treatments combined with highly skilled staff devoted to the care of patients. The ultimate combination of science and pampering. Liberty Belle has moved the concept of personal beauty beyond a sense of periodical interventions to the liberating feeling that it is a way of life that is good for the human spirit. Liberty Belle accesses the most advanced medical science possible but its patients always exude a natural appearance that feels far removed from medical intervention.


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