National recruitment company brand strategy and re-design

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For four decades McAthur has forged an enviable reputation as a multi-specialist National recruitment company focusing on executive, permanent, temporary and consulting solutions for clients.

As a 40 year-old business undergoing generational change, the time was right to re-frame the McArthur brand, its go-to-market proposition and its brand image.

McArthur as a business had evolved organically as had its brand visual language. The re-branding program was as much about creating a spirited and contemporary visual language as it was about developing systems to ensure a consistent and organised message unifying state offices and consolidating unified brand communication to the market.

McArther group Shot

People Power
We created a brand identity system that made McArthur people the heros. This became a wonderful and enriching experience for us and McArthur. The studio got a real insight into the inner workings of McArthur, helping us to understand the McArthur people and what their company means to them. The photo shoot also created a real buzz around the office and it gave the McArthur team an opportunity to be part of the future look of their company. We, collectively not only talked the talk of our brand essence – ‘Best People Fit’, but walked the walked as well.

The hand crafted style of the signature brand mark gave McArthur a unique brand property in the recruitment and service space. McArthur has been family owned for 40 years and the signature style brand mark referenced the hands-on style of the company founder John McArthur. A positive attribute in their market place. The photos and the signature brand mark combined to form the basis of the unique visual language. The signature stands behind the McArthur people reflecting the way McArthur stands behind all of its people.

The benefit to the McArthur business has been tremendous. The McArthur people have engaged with their brand on a level that has built memories and lasting emotional connections.

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