SnowKids, ski retailer and ecommerce brand

As parents themselves, the founders of SnowKids wanted to make sure that little ones are kept safe, dry and warm, so they can have a great time at the snow.

SnowKids searches the globe to find quality, unique, and on-trend kids snow gear. The retailer presents a carefully curated collection of clothes and accessories that ensures kids not only look the part, they are safe and warm on the slopes.


The ski gear market is reasonably competitive with a number of players in the online space. Snowkids were keen to enter the market with a clear point of difference and carve out a brand niche for themselves.

Reviewing the market we found it filled with generalist sportswear retail sites with a few specialising in ski gear. Almost exclusively the ski gear specialists were websites for existing bricks and mortar stores, with generalist, old-school offerings.


We created a differentiated value proposition and developed the layers of the brand strategy and messaging to effectively position the new brand to market.

At the heart of the brand is family memories inspired by The Alps. It’s all about celebrating and sharing the snow fun and one family’s curated collection of snow gear with other fellow Aussies. SnowKids is created by a snow family, for families who love the snow.


Once we had clarity on the brand positioning, core audience, and brand personality we designed an identity system that positioned the brand evocatively to market. This included a full suite of brandmark (logo), brand motif (a shorthand version providing creative flexibility, a brand colour palette, and a secondary visual language.

The result is a beautifully designed brand that bursts with the energy of kids (snow kids actually) and stands out from the competitive market. The brand’s visual language is expressed through the Snowkids website, social media, business stationery, and packaging.

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