Submürge rebrand from Zapco

Previously known as Zapco, Submürge is a unique and complete oyster growing eco-system that’s designed to help oyster farmers maximise results and deliver a superior product that’s truly expressive of their location.

Comprising innovative products, expert guidance, strategic partnerships and sustainable farming practices, Submürge is at the heart of an innovative global oyster community.


Much of the category is very localised and parochial. Many of the competitors had established roots in their local markets and focused on traditional farming approaches for that area.

Submürge had ambitions to break down the status quo and create a strong global brand. To achieve this, we needed an innovative proposition that’s compelling for farmers across the world; from North America to Australia, Europe, and Asia.


Submürge’s ambition goes beyond just delivering better products and farming approaches, the vision is to shape a better future for farmers and the shellfish Industry.

To deliver on the vision, the strategy needed to appeal to not only oyster growers but also the distributors, industry influencers, and regulators.

At the heart of the new brand, is a powerful purpose to ‘cultivate prosperity together’. The brand proposition empowers and inspires oyster farmers to celebrate and optimise their merroir (unique sense of place).

This is supported by a strategic framework that includes a carefully crafted set of values, beliefs, narrative, and messaging that guides and drives the business internally while building deep and meaningful connections with external audiences.

As part of the new brand strategy, it was decided Zapco was no longer fit for purpose. Zapco sounded too corporate and techy. The old name didn’t resonate with the brand’s audiences and didn’t represent the new brand vision.


The brand identity is centred around the type mark. This represents how oyster farming works: allowing the oysters the time they need in and out of the water in a controlled version of their natural tidal lives.

It’s a simple modern sans-serif with slightly softened terminals. The ‘S’ has submerged but the whole mark is buoyant with a ripple of water passing through it. The umlaut is highlighted bobbing above.

This is accompanied by a strong contrasting visual language that depicts the importance of merroir (terroir for oysters). This is both an illustration of the growth stages of an oyster (and the financial growth of business owners) and a contour map of the coastline they call home.

The visual identity system uses bright aqua gradients and dark shades from the abyss to provide a bright, modern and practical feel.

Everyone loves the new brand and the artwork. It’s really stands out at trade shows. It’s already resonating with our clients and they are pretty excited about the transformation of the brand and what it means for their business.
We are ecstatic with this result. Well done, it's really Truly Deeply amazing.

Peter Boyle
CEO, Submürge

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