New eco-chic packaging design delivers fast brand growth for TOM Organic

TOM Organics on Supermarket

Truly Deeply’s new brand image and packaging helps feminine hygiene brand TOM expand their distribution into Woolworths, Coles and Chemist Warehouse.



TOM Organic is the first and only range of feminine hygiene products accredited by the Australian Certified Organic organisation. All products are 100% biodegradable, made entirely from organic cotton and free from chemicals, bleaches and synthetics.


TOM was only available in a selection independent stores but had the ambition to step outside the organic market and appeal to a wider audience.

With a higher price point than many competitors, TOM needed to educate consumers on the benefits of organic but also position the range as a premium and appealing choice.

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Choosing organic products should not be about compromise. There is a growing demand for brands that embrace both elegance and ethics.

TOM was trying to make organic fashionable but was struggling to blend hard-core organic messaging with a visual language that reflected nightclub and youth trends – neither was well considered and the brand was struggling to stand out and connect with its audience.

Truly Deeply saw the opportunity for TOM to develop their unique personality to create the perfect marriage between style and conscience and be an authentic ‘eco-chic’ brand that is worth paying more for.

Design Solution

Truly Deeply worked closely with founder Aimee Marks to define and bring to life the genuine ‘eco-chic’ cred, spirit and personality of TOM.

TOM’s packaging is intentionally stylish and elegant with a sophisticated environmental edge. The visual language stands out by adopting the cues of fashion semiotics rather than mimicking the look of the market leaders.

The visual language is further supported by layers of evocative brand story telling that illustrates Aimee’s commitment to walking the talk as the category’s leader in environmental sustainability.

“The visual cues of the packaging design combine a stylish, contemporary femininity, and a healthy dose of intrigue with a secondary visual language of eco-sustainability. The result is a range of fresh packaging that not only stands-out in the feminine hygiene category, but connects with TOM’s traditional audience, whilst attracting a new, broader set of customers,” says David Ansett, Chief Creator of Brands at Truly Deeply.

The colour, typography and textures along with the custom illustrations have been carefully designed to communicate the ‘eco chic’ positioning of the brand, as well as connect with the target market. Sydney-based artist Sarah Carter-Jenkins handcrafted a series of illustrations to bring the new identity to life. Each SKU has a distinct illustration that helps differentiate products but also builds a strong sense of a product family.


Truly Deeply developed a new brand definition, re-tweaked the brand identity and crafted a fresh packaging design and brand story to transform TOM Organic into a glowing, confident brand.

The new TOM visual identity design was launched across six SKUs; mini, regular and super tampons, day and night pads and liners.

The new brand identity was then introduced to the website and into advertising and communications.


The new pack design was the critical factor in TOM Organic’s product range being picked-up initially by national retail chain Chemist Warehouse, and then by Woolworths throughout Australia, catapulting the business and the brand to significantly greater level of awareness.

“As a direct result of the TOM Organic brand repositioning and packaging range redesign we have been stocked by Woolworths supermarkets nationally.” It is still early days, but the resultant increase in market share and revenues, “will be of the magnitude of 1000% in six months – significantly impacting our whole business positively,” says Aimee Marks, Founder TOM Organic.

“Truly Deeply presented the perfect team balance and a deep understanding of not only the TOM visual design journey but also the strategic business pathway. It has been an outstanding and highly enjoyable experience. They have displayed superior authenticity and an impressive ability to engage with and reinterpret our brand to take it to unforeseen territories,” added Marks.

The new packaging also achieved GOLD in the health and beauty category in the Australian Packaging and Design Awards.

“TOM Organic, feminine hygiene products, is a visually attractive range of packs which highlights a beautifully crafted story for the product. The packaging has been designed to communicate both the brand proposition and tell the brand story which has been perfectly achieved. These packages have added a freshness in design to the category and the range is perfectly suited to their specific target market,” commented the judges of the Awards, conducted by the Packaging Council of Australia (PCA), the national packaging association representing companies across the packaging supply chain.


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