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Victorian Clinical Genetics Service (VCGS) is a subsidiary company of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI). VCGS delivers both clinical and laboratory services through a multidisciplinary team of clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, laboratory scientists, metabolic physicians, social workers and support staff. VCGS adds considerable value to MCRI’s research.


VCGS is a not for profit organisation – a point of difference in the industry. All revenue is put back into developing new tests, technologies and genetic knowledge to improve screening and diagnostic services.

Confusion existed regarding who VCGS were (internally and externally), what they did and how they linked to MCRI and Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). Marketing was very unfocussed and piecemeal and the identity did not reflect the invaluable work that the organisation does.

The VCGS brand had been through many transformations over its life. It was originally known as VCGS, then GHSV (2002) and now again VCGS (from 2006). As genetic services were becoming more competitive it was important for VCGS to establish a strong brand to identify themselves in the market place. Moving to the recently built RCH location created a perfect opportunity for a new start with a fresh and relevant brand identity.


It was paramount that VCGS be seen as an internationally recognised centre of excellence in clinical and laboratory genetics. As such, we needed to establish a single, strong identity bringing together pathology and genetic health with timeless appeal. The project was an opportunity to create a strong and cohesive brand to raise awareness. We needed VCGS to be more recognisable, memorable, appealing and emotionally engaging for stakeholders.

The new brand value proposition created by Truly Deeply, enhanced VCGS internal and external communications. Eliminating confusion and complexity.
The new brand positioning is centred on the idea of how VCGS delivers cutting edge genetic science with compassion.

Design Solution
“At the heart of the design is the genetic link that joins us all in the human race,” says Derek Carroll, Creative Director and Partner, Truly Deeply. “A strong simple, easily recognisable solution combines a ‘heart’ shape with a patient and doctor connecting in partnership. All these subtle meanings of the mark cemented this concept in the stakeholder’s hearts”, added Carroll.


Truly Deeply provided strategic brand and design solutions for VCGS including a brand strategy, identity design and visual identity development, stationery, electronic presentation template, marketing communication templates and VCGS brand style guide.

Defining a brand for a not-for-profit health service that delivers both genetic counselling services and cutting edge genetic testing is no easy task. Throw in a diverse leadership team with their own strong opinions about how our organisation should be positioned, and you have a room full of different ideas.

“Truly Deeply made what could have been a complicated process simple with their clarity of vision. They helped us to identify commonalities across different parts of our service, bringing to the top line our excellence in genetics and our compassion for patients, which was then articulated and executed as a refreshed brand, ” says David Amor FRACP PhD, Director, Victorian Clinical Genetics Services.

From three separate but similar sub-brands, there is now one strong identity that clearly reflects VCGS as a Leader in Genetic Health. “The Truly Deeply team impressed us at all time with their enthusiasm and professionalism. Their ability to listen and engage with our staff created an atmosphere that encouraged a vibrant exchange of ideas, and led us to an exceptional outcome,” concluded Amor.

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