Vinyl Group

Vinyl Group brand development

Three separate music businesses, Vampr, Jaxsta, and, were merged in 2023.

Truly Deeply worked with the brand owners to create the new brand architecture, strategic proposition, and visual identity for the new entity.


As with any M&A, careful consideration was given to how to best protect and leverage the equity in each of the existing brands whilst helping the group achieve its new vision.

The new strategic brand architecture had to effectively unite and enhance, to be greater than the sum of the parts.

It was also imperative to explain ‘why’ to the market. We needed to create a compelling and authentic purpose for the new group.

Strategy & Naming

After exploring different Brand Architecture options, it was decided to redefine and leverage the ‘Vinyl’ name to create a new group brand.

As part of this, we developed a new brand proposition and visual identity for the group.

A strong purpose-led brand, Vinyl Group is focused on being “the heartbeat of an equitable music world”. This is supported by the positioning of “tech solutions that connect and give credit to the global creator economy”.


Several design strategies were explored as part of the creative process, including extending the Vampr look and feel.

Of the brands, Vampr is the best known, but this is mainly with musicians. We needed to create a new identity that would appeal to all audience segments; from fans to musicians, the music industry. It also needed to stand out for investors.

The Vinyl Group brand features a simple yet strong type mark that plays with the dimensions of the letter shapes and has just a touch of stadium rock heritage.

A variation of the group brand was then created for, to ensure a strong alignment from the group to the consumer product.

The new identity is more than just a name change. It represents a unified vision for our future – a future where our technology and products are more interconnected, offering an enriched experience for our clients and users.

Josh Simons
CEO, Vinyl Group


Vinyl Group now has a connected and united proposition with Vampr, Jaxsta, and all working together to support creators from the bedroom to turntable by leveraging the network effect of fans and creators to provide community-focused platforms and services.

Through e-commerce, social network platforms, and a proprietary database of official credits, Vinyl Group’s suite of transformative products work together to connect and empower all participants of the music ecosystem.

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