Why work with us?

We are one of Australia's most experienced Brand Design specialists. With more than 30 years experience we've worked with clients across almost every conceivable category.

Our Brand Design expertise

Our experience provides a thorough and proven methodology, and a remarkable depth of problem-solving. Our breadth of industry experience means we bring a 'cross-category perspective' to every project. Often the insights we bring from an adjacent category add as much value to a project as our category experience.
They say Mastery is gained from ten years or 10,000 hours of practice. Our three agency partners each bring that high degree of specialist expertise to every project.

What makes us so good at Brand Design?

How much Brand Design experience does Truly Deeply have?

We were one of the first agencies in Australia to focus on brand and one of the first to include a Brand Strategist as a Partner in the business.

Truly Deeply has helped more organisations gain clarity, transform and grow their business, and build long-term brand value than just about any other agency in Australia.

We are regularly ranked as the top brand agency in Australia and one of the top agencies in the world for our blog on which we share our passion for and expertise in brand strategy and design.

here to view our Brand Design experience in detail.

Do you do Brand Strategy in house?

Yes we do! One of the best ways to assess the branding credentials of an agency is through whether they have dedicated and specialist Brand Strategy Partner. Many agencies claim to provide brand strategy and some have a relationship with a freelance strategist, but only the specialist agencies include Brand Strategy in the DNA of everything they do.

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Do I need to know about branding?

Very few clients have been through a fully fledged branding process in their careers. For most working on their brand is a first than can take them outside their professional comfort zone.

Our experience working with clients of every shape, size and brand sophistication has taught us the value to everyone of being supportive, open and good communicators. Our experienced project managers play the role of day-to-day support representing you in the studio and answering any and every question you may have.

We will hold your hand when it needs holding, challenge your thinking when it needs challenging, and engage your depth of industry knowledge for the value that adds into the process.

Do you understand my category and market?

For 30 years we’ve worked across almost every conceivable category, but we are not category specific. It is often our experience in an adjacent category that provides a valuable insight or fresh perspective for our clients and their branding challenges.

When we started working with TOM Organic we had not previously worked in the feminine hygiene category. But it was our knowledge of consumer trends and cross category perspective that allowed to so effectively position the brand and connect with a significant new group of customers. Our work for TOM Organic saw their sales increase more than 1000% in the first six months from the relaunch of their new brand and packaging.

Click here to read our case study on the Brand Design work we did for TOM Organic.

What if I don't like the Brand Design work?

This is an understandable concern shared by many clients and so we like to make sure it’s part of our open conversation.

Working with design studios the choice of aesthetic can often come down to personal taste. When creating brand design these decisions are strategically based on the brand proposition.

When your brand has been defined with all the requisite layers, the process of Brand Design is one of logic where clients understand the science behind the creative process. Our agile and collaborative design process breaks this down into stages that each include your feedback so we never get to the end of the process and present something that is a surprise.

However, should you not be happy with your Brand Design for any reason, we will continue to develop the design concepts until you are, or alternately cease work and not charge you for any phase of the process you are not happy with. This is our guarantee to you based on the confidence we have in our process and the quality of our work.

How do I know you'll 'get my business'?

Brand is always only there to serve the business, so understanding the ‘levers’ of the business, what makes it tick and what makes it unique are critical parts of the brand design process. The best branding specialists are those with a passion for and deep interest in the way businesses work.

In our time, we’ve have got to ‘look under the bonnets’ of literally thousands of businesses, giving us a thorough understanding of the myriad of business models, ownership structures, owner motivations, business challenges, business cycles and competitive challenges.

It is our depth of experience working with so many business owners, managers and boards that provide us with the ability to grasp the subtleties that define one challenge and differentiate the best answer from all the possible options.

That sounds great, but can I speak to your clients?

We find client referrals to be the most powerful form of recommendation. We will be more than happy to provide you with any number of referees relevant to your project who will be happy to chat with you about their experiences working with us. Not all projects run like clockwork, but it is sometimes the referees who are able to talk about how we worked together to overcome challenges who are the most compelling. In the end working together positively to get the optimum commercial result is the most important thing.

In the mean time you can read a number of testimonials from recent clients by clicking here.

And for a laugh, check out Donald Trump (or someone who looks alot like him) giving us a plug.

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We believe

Brand Design is business strategy made visible.

We believe

Brands that try to mean something to everyone end up meaning nothing to anyone.

We believe

Brand design is the intersection of science and art.

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